Mentor Program

The goals of the PGCH Mentor Program are to match mid-to senior-level members with newer colleagues for one-on-one counseling sessions and to provide cross-training mentorship between Planned Giving/Development/Fundraising and Legal/Technical professionals, providing opportunities to share process and experience from each sector.

A mentor is a volunteer who serves as a counselor or guide for a junior member or for a professional who would like to cross train in the planned giving, development and/or fundraising areas. A Mentor may also provide counsel to those who would like to know more about the technical side of estate planning, trusts and foundations, for instance. Mentors may provide general networking advice, information on the charitable planned giving field or on the estate planning professions and the various planned giving techniques and instruments.

The term for Mentors and matched Applicants is one year. The PGCH Mentor Program Chair is responsible for matching a mentor to an applicant. Mentors will make the initial contact with their matched applicant and will be available for at least one meeting and two phone calls during the year. Once the Mentor has initiated the first contact, the matched applicant is responsible for maintaining the relationship by seeking out reasonable assistance from the Mentor.

Those who are interested in serving as a Mentor, or who wish to be assigned to a Mentor, will need to complete the attached application(s) and submit online or by mail to the PGCH. We encourage you to serve as a Mentor as well as a matched applicant and welcome you to fill out both applications. Even if you have years of experience, we bet there is some area of planned giving/fundraising you would like to learn more about. The mentoring program is fun and provides new learning and networking opportunities for both the Mentors and the Matched Applicants.

You do not want to miss out on this MEMBERS ONLY opportunity.

Please contact Lindsay Hummel at if you have any questions.

Things are rolling right along! I have had several phone meetings as well as “face-to-face” meetings with donor prospects. We have grown our Legacy Partners by three members so far, and I have many more prospects “in the pipeline.” The conversations are starting to flow better and feel much less awkward for me…per your sage advice, much of the time I am simply
One thing that affirmed that our marketing efforts are working is that a few weeks ago, out of the blue, I received a call from a donor seeking bequest language as he wished to leave a bequest to the Environmental Law program. He is single, has no kids, and successful in his career – a planned giving officer’s dream!
I have been granted approval to send out a newsletter mailing to our prospects, and as my schedule permits, will continue to seek out meetings. I am so grateful for your mentorship – it has helped so much as we work to expand our planned giving efforts here.

Carol Bornstein
University of Houston- Clear Lake